Officially Official

So much has changed in my life since my last post!
– I have passed my board exam and am now officially a registered occupational therapist!
– Pearl fell off a piece of playground equipment while we were dong agility things (totally my fault) and sustained a bulging disc and was on strict rest and NSAIDs for over a month, but is now back to being my favorite running buddy 🙂
– I moved to a lovely little home in Auburn, IA, and am loving my cozy digs and relaxed small town life.
– I said goodbye to Rhonda the Honda (RIP ole girl) and said hello to Juniper the Jeep–a new used 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude (aka nicest vehicle I’ve owned in my life… though the ’88 Plymouth Grand Voyager comes in at a close second 😉 ).
– I have finally watched the movie Young Frankenstein and have watched it twice in the last two weeks–definitely a new favorite of mine!
– I have been able to catch up with old friends in the area and have loved every minute of this!
– My sister is due in t-minus 27 days!!! ♥♥
– I am beginning my third week of employment at Stewart Memorial Community Hospital in Lake City, IA. The culture of the hospital is wonderful and I have some very talented and nice coworkers. Looking forward to learning lots from them!

IMG_2147                                       IMG_2135


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It’s so weird to finally feel like I’m doing this ‘adulting’ thing… from having a big girl job with my very own caseload of patients to making decisions on things like health insurance, making car payments and soon, student loan payments, and even having a place of my own… I feel so blessed to have reached this point in life and would not have been able to do so without God’s grace.

Hope you liked the unofficial little tour of my home and my life update! I love to have visitors, so if ever you are in my neck of the woods, stop in for a beer or a dessert of some sort (or both as it’s a judgment-free zone)!

I look forward to posting more blogs about occupational therapy, life in a small town and auntie life!

Thanks for reading!


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