Before going into the details of what being in professional school is like or where I plan to go with my career, I want to go back to the basics. Why am I here? Why OT? What is driving my desire to take the path I am on?


I grew up in a home where hard work was paramount. I lived on a farm where we did livestock chores every night for around two hours, no matter if wind chills were below zero, there was pouring rain, or temperatures over 110 degrees (weather in Iowa is a whole different discussion in and of itself). I anticipate that in the future, my willingness to go the extra mile and to persevere under what may not be the most favorable conditions will help me as a leader.

I believe my faith in God will influence the hope I have for my clients. Believing in someone greater than myself and believing that my purpose in life is to help others heal will help to guide my therapeutic use of self and how much I am willing to give of myself to my clients. My faith journey continues to help me grow as a person and I think this will be reflected in my practice.

Accountability and honesty are traits that I rank pretty high when I consider the values I would like to see in a future employee or employer. They are values I hold close to my heart and are traits that are found in great occupational therapists, in my opinion. Our clients need care providers who will tell them the truth and maintain open lines of communication. Having a therapist you can rely on is also vital to feeling as though you are receiving the best healthcare possible.

I think most anyone could go on and on about their values as they are innate parts of our being. I will spare you, and just conclude that my values shape who I am as a person, and they guide me in both my professional life and personal life. It is important for our values to guide us in professional leadership decisions as our moral compass is just as important in our work lives as our personal lives.